Friday, 15 December 2017

Boys Camouflage Desert Tshirt

Just one left of these great little tshirts for kids. In the ever popular military army style camo pattern. The lighter desert camouflage is great for summer. And the massive bonus of being camo pattern tshirt is the fact that it doesnt show the dirt! So if your little one spills a bean or chocolate down the front you really wont notice!

Nice 100% cotton soft feel tshirt means that when the kids camo tshirt does need washing it will come out fresh and clean on a 30 or 40 degree wash.

One of these just listed on ebay with free postage.

Used to sell from the kids camo tshirts and lots of other kids camouflage clothing

New picture taken of the kids camo tshirt without removing from the packet below but i also have the manufacturers product pictures here below:

kids camo tshirt
kids camo tshirt

I suppose i could have the website with one product per page so for example i would just have the childrens desert camouflage tshirt on a single page? I could put the size chart there too. Would result in a lot of pages of military and outdoor clothing and equipment but i could put a lot more information on each product and photos.
Boys Desert Camo Tshirt
Boys Desert Camo Tshirt

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