Thursday, 14 October 2010

Military Trader - U.S. Navy unveils two new camouflage uniforms

Military Trader - U.S. Navy unveils two new camouflage uniforms We sell blue urban camouflage trousers but obviously this us navy camo is new and is not urban i presume was it designed for camouflage at sea?

Our Blue Urban Camouflage on a ma1 jacket.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Digital DPM

Digital DPM Combats Digital camo is seemingly not going to be adopted by the British Army as it digital dpm may have been superceded now (2010) by the new multi-cam camo which looks great. Current operations seem more arid dry desert colours than dark green woodland colours.

For urban civilian street wear or paintball airsoft then the digital dpm camo pattern offers something different than the usual british army dpm camouflage pattern. For example these are digital camo trousers made by Viper.


Camouflage trousers are popular with teenaged children in East County USA and elsewhere but POINTS OF CONTROVERSY: SHERIFF DEPUTIES’ TREATMENT OF 3 KIDS JOGGING IN RURAL AREA RAISE COMMUNITY CONCERNS | East County Magazine

Urban Camo Trousers fashion

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Glorious Twelfth - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Glorious Twelfth - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia it isnt October 12th but August 12th when game shooting is started for the red grouse and to a lesser extent the Ptarmigan and indeed it isnt started until October 1 for Woodcock and Pheasant.

Monday, 11 October 2010


HAND WARMER - Military Kit Outdoor Clothing Survival Kit Got the full instructions for how these solid fuel hand warmers work?

This is for Highlander's Solid Fuel Hand Warmer pack version CS050.

Instructions for hand warmer use:
1. Press the catch of the hand warmer to open it.
Remove the foil wrapping of a solid fuel stick and light one end with a match or cigarette lighter.
Then blow gently on it and allow to burnd down about half an inch.
2. Holding it at its unlit hend, place the lighted fuel stick in the warmer case and closed the lid, ensuring that the spring clip ahs fully closed the two parts of the hand warmer.
solid fuel hand warmer
3. To intensify the heat output, the fuel rod may be lit at both ends but this will nearly halve the burning time.
If the warmer gets too hot, take it out of your picket for a while to allow air temperature to cool it down. But do not open it.
4. When not in use, the lighted fuel stick inside should be taken out and extinguished. If you must open the hand warmer when hot for this purpose, excercise extreme care and do so only on a level fireproof surface.

Assume these are kept in the pocket of your jacket or trousers?

CAUTION: These fuel rods can become very hot in use.
For adult use only. Not for children.
Do not use near flammable materials.
Do not handle fuel rods when lit or hot.
Open warmer only when cool.
Open warmer horizontally, beware hot ashes.

Common sense required, do not burn yourself.

Friday, 8 October 2010


This is a very nice camouflage pattern so we have pulled all our acu gear together on one page: ACU CAMO.

On that page you will be able to buy acu camo clothing including: acu camo trousers, boonie hats, backpack bags, the acu bdu caps all made from the pale grey blue colours of the acu camo pattern which originates from the american military acu camo digital uniform

The only thing we need for a complete outfit is acu camo tshirts!!

acu camo jacket

CARTRIDGE BAG - Military Kit Outdoor Clothing Survival Kit

Cartridge Bags make a good idea for him for Christmas: JACK PYKE SPEEDLOADER CARTRIDGE BAG - Military Kit Outdoor Clothing Survival Kit yes it is only October and we hate mentioning the C word (CHRISTMAS!) too early but if you are just thinking ahead we have these great looking and great feeling (Duotex) cartridge bags from Jack Pyke.

Bags available in plain olive green or the very attractive English Oak camouflage pattern these cartridge bags would make a better present than your average pair of socks for the hunting or outdoor sports man.

cartridge bag

There is in fact a whole new section on where we have located all our cartridge bags, see here: CARTRIDGE BAGS and UK postage and packing is only £3.99 per order no matter how many items are ordered.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Whipperleys Military & Outdoor Ltd

Whipperleys Military & Outdoor Ltd responded to an email from Hotfrog and we really like their new add a product feature.

Only thing we don't like is the forced "add your location" entry as we are online internet mail order (no retail shop) so the find us on google map feature is not appropriate.
Hotfrog is a UK business directory.

Monday, 4 October 2010


Have spotted a new camouflage pattern seen both on a BBC news report and in a brochure called multicam.

First article to read will be followed by a google search. Is this pattern a replacement to or addition to uk British army colours. Will it appear on military fashion camouflage clothing?