Thursday, 26 August 2010

Baseball Caps

Interesting fact according to BBC Radio 2
The first official baseball hat was made of straw.
and having done a google search you can still buy a straw baseball caps such as this one

We sell baseball caps in cotton and also jack pyke stealth baseball caps in silent soft material.
You can get: desert baseball caps, security baseball caps
and english oak camouflage caps such as this: baseball cap from our BASEBALL CAP shop.

Wateproof Poncho

It is August 2010 and this month has been very un-summer like with cold, cloud and rain. Really must get our waterproof ponchos into the ebay shop while the sun shines (or in this case while the rain is raining!)
We have waterproof ponchos in camo, black, green or navy blue ponchos and also military waterproof ponchos (some may call them rain capes) from web-tex military.
green poncho

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Abbey Gun Oil

Just a reminder that our sister site sells not just military kit but a whole range of quality outdoor clothing and equipment for the everyday walker to the dedicated hunting man.

For example we have:
Abbey Gun Oil

abbey gun oil
Abbey Gun Clean Oil
Assault vests ideal for paintball or airsoft
Camouflage clothing camouflage clothing

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Adding Photos to EBAY

Still on the subject of improving our whipperleys ebay shop sales with adding extra product pictures have just read this ehow information on using photobucket. So that is to investigate next!

We have a great website where we sell combat trousers and this basic html site is in desperate need of better pictures to provide the best view of the combat trousers to our customers.

Monday, 23 August 2010


A good watch at the cinema is the new 2010 A-team film for those of us old enough to remember the original A-team from the 1980s.
We particularly enjoyed seeing our products worn and you could buy these to make a good fancy dress outfit on the A-team theme.

B A Baracus wore a black acrylic bob hat and green scrim scarf
The Face wore a sand and black shemagh scarf
The American Army wore ACU BDU Caps and ACU BDU Boonie Hats
Plus the usa flag badge on the american soldiers uniforms.

Bob Hats

all available from or

EBAY IMAGES adding extra pictures to ebay

Just had a quick search to see the easiest method of adding multiple images to whipperleys ebay shop listings at low cost. Have signed up with which says: AuctionPix is a popular website for FREE eBay image, picture and photo hosting, it has provided an eBay image hosting service since 1999.

Although your free account only gives a months worth of image hosting we believe. But i was able to quickly upload and insert 3 images on my survival whistle ebay buy it now auction.

We could use our own website hosting to host images for free so need to investigate whether auctionpix can do much for especially when a fee becomes payable.

Friday, 20 August 2010

360 Degree Product Pictures

When i am looking for a product on the internet which is available at more than one website, it is often the picture quality that adds to my decision to purchase. Therefore with that in mind we are going to dramatically improve the product pictures on our military and outdoor website

For instance if you want to buy a pair of combat trousers you might like to see not only the front and rear view of the pair of trousers laid flat but also the view of the combat trousers when worn from lots of angles. You might wish to see the pockets in detail, the waistband, the hem. And even the fabric texture if the close up picture will capture.

We will try:

TV Television Turntable 40cm
Camera Tripod
Web Based Application such as