Thursday, 16 November 2017

Camouflage Net and what is it used for?

I have added a few notes on what camo net is and what it can be used for which i have shown below:

What is camouflage net for?
Camo net has many uses and not just for camouflaging. You can use it if you are an outdoors person while hunting, shooting or fishing for example. Many animals will see you and will run or hide or avoid you which is not what you want if you are waiting for them and need them to come close to you. Camouflage yourself behind a net is equally important if you are wildlife photographer too.
You can use it to hide ugly features in your garden or factory. Drape it over an ugly wall to make your garden more green and less harsh
Camo net can be used in a bedroom to make a military or jungle theme for your army mad child or grown up!
Use a camouflage net in creating a scene for a play in the theatre.
In the army camo net is used to conceal locations, to conceal military vehicles, equipment and personnel.
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