Monday, 1 November 2010

Balaclava, Fleece, Face Mask, Hood

Balaclava, Fleece, Face Mask, Hood

Its the 1st November 2010 and a bright sunny day here in Norfolk, but even with the blue sky and warmth of the sun, it can be chilly especially if you are working outdoors, or will be travelling at night. This is where our warm winter gear comes in handy.

Our most popular clothing for these cold winter nights range from our balaclavas of which there are many styles

Open Face Balaclava

open face balaclava

3 Hole Balaclava (i.e. 2 eye holes, 1 mouth

3 hole balaclava

both of the above balaclavas are available in standard knitted acrylic or with the added benefit of Thinsulate thermal lining. Black or plain green colours and ideal to keep in your coat pocket, with your scarf and gloves or in the car for emergency warm clothing if the weather gets very bad and you get stranded.

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