Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Airsoft Gun Over Reaction?

Is this yet another Airsoft Gun Over Reaction reported here:Armed response after gun shots fired | News | This is Gloucestershire

Airsoft Guns: Is it really true that in 2010 boys aren't allowed to play cowboys and indians or cops and robbers anymore with toy guns and bows and arrows? Admittedly the boys were older in the news article above but are we also afraid of teenagers? Is it ridiculous that airsoft guns or bb guns as they are also known create such panic.

Kids in the 1970s had great fun with the cap guns for example.

Is the next step to censor all film and tv programmes with anything that even looks like a gun shaped object.

You can buy brightly coloured or clear airsoft guns still but why bother trying to play outdoors these days, just go indoors and play xbox shoot em ups.

Modern airsoft guns dont always fire the extra dangerous sounding metal "ball bearings". They most often shoot brightly coloured plastic pellets aka bb gun ammo. bb gun ammo

An armed response is not necessary but common sense is.

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