Monday, 23 August 2010

EBAY IMAGES adding extra pictures to ebay

Just had a quick search to see the easiest method of adding multiple images to whipperleys ebay shop listings at low cost. Have signed up with which says: AuctionPix is a popular website for FREE eBay image, picture and photo hosting, it has provided an eBay image hosting service since 1999.

Although your free account only gives a months worth of image hosting we believe. But i was able to quickly upload and insert 3 images on my survival whistle ebay buy it now auction.

We could use our own website hosting to host images for free so need to investigate whether auctionpix can do much for especially when a fee becomes payable.

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  1. Plus i think could use this on any website not just ebay. That would be great and worth paying for. Not sure how many big product pictures you would be able to get on to paid members 20MB space